Three Waves

by Canadian Waves

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released February 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Canadian Waves Columbus, Ohio

Queers, PoCs, Radicals, Punks, Organizers, Agitators.

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Track Name: Neverland
I hold out my hand and fly away
In the land of fairy tales
We'll fight pirates and never grow old
In the land of fairy tales

I know this is just a dream just a dream
But I want to make believe make believe

Our parents will wonder where did we go
Spirited away into the cold
Up in the sky and to a new world

In Neverland

Forever young we'll have our fun under the sun
Of the pirate coast
Do what we can, make our plans, get the treasure again
Of the pirate coast
Track Name: Dejected
They tell me
my mind
is gone today
gone away
They tell me
I’m dumb
And I’m numb
Maybe they
Are right. Today.

I can’t think
I’ve got no energy
I’ve become
such a bore.
Don’t Fret. No.
Track Name: Gotta Go
fall in love every day
with everyone
don’t know if thats ok
just wanna have fun

took my breath away
don’t know what to say
to you

oh hold your breathe
ill give you whats left x3

my name is gone
I know.
got to leave my home
gotta to go
don’t you know me
don’t you know
my name is gone
I’m home.
Track Name: So Tired of Bein Wired
I'm so tired
Of being wired.

Can't hold breathe
Don't know what's left
Try to go far
Can't stop me now

I open my eyes
Save yourself
If you can

You say all you can
And you do what
You must
Track Name: Don't Know What To Do Anymore
its so
hard to
open up
aound you

youre miserable
take me down
take me out
gotta get outta this TOWN

there's vultures everywhere
theyre circlin
trying to pick my bones clean

drain me dry
take high
take me away shoot me to the sky

shake it up
break me up
make it up
i dont wanna die

I don't know what to do anymore
Track Name: Vultures

I know that you’re out there
Watch my every move.
I’m scared to go outside.
Don’t know what to do.
They have all have agendas.
People hidden away.
I’m lost now.
No supporters here.

I’m scrambling...
to take cover in these hills.
But I’m tired
of keeping my head down.
Everyone familiar
has disappeared into the air.
Everyones scared to talk
move, or plot here.
Track Name: Chemo
the afterglow // of th sunrise
has caught // my eye
clouds rifting // left to right
my life // passing me by

all souls
will roam
all consequence
fade into nothingness

the stories untold
foretelling the unknown
Track Name: Fight Club
D*** ( ins / voc )
so sick of tragedy
always houding me
won’t you let me be
dear tragedy

A*** ( 4 inst / voc )
fixed gaze upon my head / neck
its fixed, it broke x4

B1*** ( voc )
parazlyed * and burned
I feel the knife * twist and turned
parazlyed * and burned
i recall every word
7 lives

B2*** ( 2 ins )
evrythings spinningg ou tof vontrol
i damn nearly lost my soul
its so strange to see
everything as wrong as it can be

C*** (voc)
i’m drained
I’m retained
labeled and dropped
disjointed and distraught